Optimize Your Posture

Remember when your mother told you to stand up straight and not slouch to any one side?  In essence, she was trying to optimize your posture.  Our posture depends on many factors, including, of course, the bones (called vertebral bodies) that make up our spine.

Optimize Your Spine And Reduce Your Pain

Optimize Your Spine And Reduce Your Pain

We have a total of 33 vertebrae categorized into 5 types, depending on where they are located.  The top 7 vertebrae in our neck are called the cervical spine, the next 12 lower vertebrae are called the thoracic spine and the next 5 lower vertebrae are called the lumbar spine.  Below the lumbar spine are usually 5 fused vertebrae called the sacrum. Beneath the sacrum are 4 coccygeal bones which form the tailbone.

Certain diseases and conditions can cause the spine to lose its normal curvature.  When the the normal curvature becomes extremely exaggerated, this can lead to poor posture.  It is important to discuss with your chiropractor the possible causes of your poor posture since they can be early signs of spinal problems.

Human posture is also affected by elements other than the vertebral bodies.The discs between the vertebrae can affect posture, especially when they are dehydrated or have herniated. Ligaments and muscles that are attached to the spine can affect posture, especially if the ligaments are lax or when the muscles are weak.

Chiropractic can help improve your poster, reduce pain and optimize your spine for better health.